DV: Dental, Vision Employee Only Option

Who Pays?


When You Are Eligible

The first day of the following month after date of employment.

What You Receive

This option is designed as an alternative for employees with other adequate health insurance. The program includes employee-only coverage for Dental and Vision.

Delta Dental - deductible $50 per calendar year deductible applies to Type II and III services. Maximum benefits $1,000 calendar year. Preventive Services, no deductible (Type I). Preventive services provided at 100% of the schedule of allowances. These services include oral examinations, cleaning and fluoride treatments (services provided once during a 6 month period.) Basic Services (Type II) include x-rays and diagnostic services, periodontics (gum treatment), endodontics (root canals), oral surgery and restorative services (fillings), are covered at 80% of the schedule of allowances. Major Services (Type III) include crowns, bridges, full dentures, partial dentures and periodontal surgery and are covered at 50% of the schedule of allowances. Request a pretreatment estimate to get an estimate of your out-of-pocket cost.